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MOT testing stations need to stick to VOSA MOT re-test policies.

MOT re-test procedures are somewhat intricate and intensely challenging. Permit us to set the stage to help you in regards to when you are able and cannot get a FREE re-test.

To begin with, the primary regulation would be that after the family car has failed its MOT, the compulsory time period for the requisite steps to be accomplished and any following re-test is precisely 10 business days following on from the first day of test. This is correct as long as the vehicle has been remedied and successively registered for a re-test before the end of 10 trading days. If all of the above has been undertaken, that is when the computerised MOT test application that all MOT stations depend on will, no doubt, at that point, permit us to register your family car and carry out the re-test.

So, it therefore follows that the secondary procedure would be the fact at the time of an MOT re-examination it is quite often a fact that selected elements could be re-tested right away nevertheless on the contrary a quantity of points should have more measured assessment.

To give an example;

  • To illustrate your vehicle or light commercial van falls short on 1 tyre; a replaced tyre is to distinguish and a "fast track" MOT retest can be performed, this is likely to take only a short while for the MOT tester to perform and therefore wouldn't attract a re-test expense.
  • Or another example: Imagine if your vehicle or light commercial van failed to pass the MOT check on headlamp aims, emissions, and brake system; in such cases the car will have to be enrolled with your neighbourhood Sidmouth VOSA MOT centre to secure a part re-test and driven in to the MOT test bay, once there the emissions examination will need to be carried out, a significantly less intense over-all check carried out including a full-blown braking mechanism assessment executed. This work routinely requires added amounts of the MOT testers time, and because of that this certainly will normally attract a re-test expense.

So whilst we, and virtually every MOT centre, promotes and boasts FREE tests this is, normally, determined by when the car is made available for its MOT exam in Sidmouth and successively exactly what your vehicle or light commercial van failed the MOT on.

NOTABLY - in the event the family car failed get through its MOT test with us here within Sidmouth VOSA MOT garage and it is afterwards fixed by us, then following that we shall invariably undertake ones retest FREE (i.e. at zero cost to you), this really is our thanks to you for preferring to benefit from our Sidmouth VOSA MOT testing station workshops.

If you need further explanation, then here's a number of the 100 % free retest items (if your family car failed its MOT over any one of these particulars then a fast track retest could be performed).

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